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Win The Day

Winning feels good. We all like to experience the positive emotions associated with ending the day knowing we did our best to create positive relationships and results in all areas of our life. Unfortunately, the reality for most leaders is they retire at night with some level of regret because too many important items on their to do list didn’t get done.

No matter what good things leaders do at work or with their families, their focus tends to be on the email or phone call that didn’t get returned, a project that didn’t get finished or a relationship with a co-worker, family member or friend that needed attention but didn’t get it. There are leaders at every level in organizations, large and small, that go to bed exhausted and feeling like they lost the day, only to wake up and begin the same routine again.

If you want a healthier, more productive approach to managing your day-to-day priorities, you have to make some positive changes to your schedule. In an effort to help those leaders who are interested in accomplishing that objective, I will be sharing some WIN THE DAY ideas starting next week.

I won’t be suggesting a one-size-fits-all approach. Everyone’s situation is different, and the definition of what it means to WIN THE DAY is unique to each person. However, there are some positive strategies and daily habits you can develop that will ensure you go to bed and wake up every day feeling like a winner at work and home.

The ideas will come from my own experience as well as insights from successful leaders I’ve interviewed or books I’ve read. Each suggestion is designed to be a small, simple step to help you make daily progress at building positive relationships and meaningful results in all areas of your life–not a magic pill or quick-fix solution.

I’m confident you will see a positive difference in the quality of your work and life if you customize the advice and then take positive action, one day at a time. You will also have to make the daily decision to base your actions on your commitments–not your feelings. You cannot WIN THE DAY if you wait for the perfect time or to feel inspired before you do what you know needs to be done.

For now, just answer these two questions:

  1. What does it mean for you to WIN THE DAY?

  2. When you were at your best this week, what helped you win at work and home?

We were all born to win. We just can’t do it alone.

Let’s Get Better. Together! Bill Durkin

P.S. If you have an idea to help other leaders win or want to be interviewed for a future blog, please send me your contact information and I’ll set up a time for us to talk.


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