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Creating Positive Growth


Are you trying to create positive change in your workplace? Do you want to engage, influence and encourage a diverse group of individuals to enjoy working as ONE, healthy high performance team? Do you want your leaders and teams to get better at having difficult conversations? If your answer is yes to any of those questions, you've come to the right place. 


Whether you're a leader in local government, a corporation, or a non-profit organization, your success or failure will be based on your ability to draw out the best in everyone around you.


Work and life are team sports that require leaders at every level to inspire individuals and groups to consistently perform at their best. Nothing you'll ever do as a leader will be more important or meaningful than helping talented people excel while working together to accomplish a worthy goal.

Fortunately, all organizations have positive people who want to be part of a winning team that’s thriving, not just surviving during times of uncertainty and change. These employees want a positive, strength-based organization that encourages everyone to use their unique strengths to accomplish a mission that matters. Employees of all ages want to put away their personal differences, reduce negativity, and work together to add more value to those they choose to serve.  What these talented team members need more than anything else are more positive leaders who can:

  • Bring out the best in everyone around them

  • Have a positive impact on employee engagement and wellbeing when having difficult conversations

  • Influence and inspire all individuals to develop their unique strengths                                                                          so they can serve and thrive as ONE, healthy high-performance team 


All Bill Durkin's Speeches, Leadership Training, and Coaching is customized to help leaders achieve those objectives.

Social Support for Your ES&G Reporting 

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Improving the Health and Wellbeing of all Stakeholders

Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting for public companies is a top priority for senior executives and boards. In the past, the primary focus has been on E & G initiatives. Unfortunately, the Social projects have gotten little attention.              


Investors can measure carbon footprints; governance is based on board structure, remuneration and other data-based assessments but until recently the Social aspects of ES & G have been largely judgmental.            


  • Does the Organization treat its employees fairly?

  • Does the Organization embrace diversity?

  • Does the Organization and their Suppliers have a positive impact on the wellbeing of their employees and the communities they serve?  


One Positive Place Training can help you measure “social” impact of ESC because we measure the Wellbeing of participants before and after our training. In addition, a portion of all client revenue will be used to deliver OPP Training to local schools, churches, and parent groups, in the name of our clients, so they can show their commitment to having a positive impact in the communities they serve.

If you're a leader in a private company, family owned business, or a non-for profit organization that serves publicly traded corporations or who benefits from their philanthropy, you will also be held accountable for having a positive and measurable impact on all your stakeholders. 


Together we can change the world by making your workplace and community One Positive Place.



Serving Positive Leaders for Over 30 Years

"Bill Durkin had a positive influence on our company. We enjoyed his stories and benefited from his fresh ideas. He understands the business world and customized the class to meet the needs of our people. His professionalism and engaging style made the program enjoyable and beneficial for everyone involved."

National Education and Development
Deloitte & Touche LLP

One Positive Place

"The seminar and follow-up sessions conducted by Bill Durkin for PricewaterhouseCoopers has added new dimensions to my leadership and enhanced my contributions to my work. With these added dimensions of leadership, I’ve been able to extend myself to the teams that I lead, to elicit their participation, and to bring out the best in each of them. Similarly, in working with my colleagues, I’m able to draw them out, tap into their talents, and support them in expressing the unique contribution they have to make.


Business is often a complex matter, and the heart of any business is people. I would highly recommend Bill Durkin, because he has such a positive impact on people’s ability to relate, communicate, and perform. He has developed a real ability to bring people together, which is instrumental for increasing productivity and effectiveness in all business."



One Positive Place

"Thank you for your participation as a presenter for the core skills sales program. Your qualifications were right on target for our needs. You related to the topics and achieved the outcomes that were designed for the course.


Here is some of the audience feedback we received:

  • Bill is a wonderful speaker and very knowledgeable.

  • He kept our interest by giving personal examples.

  • By providing the tools we needed, he made things easy to understand and helped us find a new way to approach things by looking at a situation from a different angle.

  • Bill was thoroughly prepared and related the topics of his discussion to our office, our personal lives and other situations in which we can use our core skills.

  • We need the skills talked about in this class before we can go looking for new business. Great class. Better than I expected.

We certainly look forward to working with you again."

Director, Continuing Professional Education

RSM McGladrey

One Positive Place

"Bill has been the principle trainer for our Sales Skills program for the past 6 months. Having personally observed Bill delivering courses, I have found him to be particularly adept in applying real world situations to the material he delivers. The structure of his presentations and his ability to tie his experiences to the materials brings them to life for students who often have only an internal point reference. He enables them to see the value of the subject beyond their current role.


Bill has a special skill in engaging students. His demeanor, use of the room and materials is complete. No student is out of Bill’s reach. He connects with each of them and ensures they have every opportunity to achieve their learning objectives.


Finally, I have found Bill to be consummate professional in all that he does from his preparation to his presentation. His evaluations have been exceptional and his mastery of the course and process has made him a continuing resource to our organization."


Manager, Commercial Training & Professional Development

Chase Bank

One Positive Place

"Bill led our group of roughly 30-35 through a very useful exercise regarding sales empathy. Bill’s presentation was not focused on the traditional sales methodology, which sales people get tired of hearing again and again. Rather, his approach focused on something that we can use even today – namely leaving a legacy at the customer. Bill got our sales people to understand the thoughts that buyers or other decision-makers feel when approached by sales people. Furthermore, he brought in what a sales person should contemplate as they approach a customer by thinking about “How do I want them to remember me?” I believe it was one of the more memorable presentations we had at one of our International Sales Meetings."


President & CEO

Superior Graphite Co.

One Positive Place

"I have been meaning to write to you for some time to express my appreciation for the training you have given to our broker team.


I think it is a real testament to you that our brokers, when given the opportunity to choose among several training options, always choose you. The reason, of course, is that they feel you relate to them and their particular needs in a way unmatched by others in your field.

Your coaching has also produced measurable results in productivity as well as vast improvements in interoffice communication.


Thank you for everything Bill."



Illinois Trade Association (Now an IMS Company)

One Positive Place

"Bill has a way of building a positive and “safe” environment in the classroom that motivates participants to take risks that stretch them beyond their current capabilities while at the same time affirming the value that each participant brings to the session. These are critical components in adult learning and, once again, not an easy task."


Account Director

The Forum Corporation

One Positive Place

"I had the pleasure of attending Bill Durkin’s program. What an invigorating experience! We focused on “real” communication that leads to successful business relationships and results. Bill had obviously familiarized himself with our business environment. My management style, techniques and philosophy of work were reinforced throughout the seminar and I felt rejuvinated. Bill is a “real” communicator and is in touch with what really goes on when one tries to communicate to an individual or to a large group."


Customer Service Manager


One Positive Place

"The learning environment in Bill Durkin’s seminars is participative and open, with respect for individual responses and reactions. He’s especially good at dealing with individual differences. Bill Durkin has my absolute highest recommendation."


Consultant, Systemwide Training

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

One Positive Place

"Mr. Durkin has taught several courses to the employees of Pearson Education. It is my pleasure to provide you with a synopsis of the testimonies that were given to Mr. Durkin by the participants of these courses.

The one phrase that was continually expressed was that Mr. Durkin is very knowledgeable on all of the topics he taught. He was able to use real-life examples along with the course materials. This made it easier for the participants to apply the information that was given to them in their professional as well as their personal lives. It was often stated that they had great motivation to change the way they handled many things based on the information that was given to them during the course.

Mr. Durkin was praised with words such as inspirational, refreshing, well organized, and engaging. I feel as though the following quote best describes the feelings participants will have after having attended one of Mr. Durkin’s courses: “Bill Durkin is a very knowledgeable instructor. He stressed a lot of good points and provided helpful solutions. He is also humorous which brings levity to the class.”



Pearson Education

One Positive Place

"I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional service you provide to clients. As a result of working with you for the last year, our group has increased the quality of its interpersonal communications. More than a training facilitator, you make it clear that you are interested in each individual’s success. As the demographics of the audience changed, you worked closely with us to ensure that the training was geared to our needs. You customized the program and made continuous improvements. All during the year, people have commented to me about your genuine caring and how that reinforces their commitment to themselves. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure working with you."


Project Leader


One Positive Place

"He received exceptional evaluations. Of particular significance, from my perspective, was his commitment to invest the time required to understand our institution and then to tailor his presentation to respond to our unique needs. Participants noted that Bill’s style is a refreshing blend of facts and fun. He also demonstrates the ability to challenge each individual to do their part in strengthening our college to be a positive place where an exceptional educational experience is received by all.

We were so pleased with his initial experience that we have invited Bill back on several occasions. Most recently, Bill demonstrated the flexibility of his skills by providing an extended workshop for individuals with supervisory responsibilities. This experience was extremely valuable because of the individual coaching which Bill provided.”


Assistant Vice President for Diversity & Organizational Development

Harper College

One Positive Place
aetna 1
harpe 1

"Bill has the unique ability to lead any group in an open, non-threatening manner. He has worked with first-line managers, as well as senior management. In quick fashion, he manages to engage the group in positive, thoughtful dialogue. Participants left his sessions ready to tackle challenges – both professional and personal. During times requiring rapid reaction, Bill’s approach is a refreshing respite for healthcare leadership! I strongly recommend his “Positive Action” coaching to leaders attempting to care for their teams."


Director, Chief Nursing Officer

Christ Hospital

One Positive Place

"Bill Durkin’s seminar is particularly effective for those willing to look within themselves and learn. What I learned from him I have been able to adapt to my life and my job. This seminar has had a permanent effect upon my career. In fact, my appreciation for Bill Durkin’s seminar actually continues to grow as time passes.”


Vice President, Patient Care Services

Little Company of Mary Hospital

One Positive Place

"As I reflect, Bill about our accomplishments over the last year, there is no doubt that you have had an appreciable impact on CBI Corporation.

The training you offered our company was valuable, and everyone came away with thoughts and ideas that they have implemented. As important to  me, was the fact that you made sales calls with me. After 37 years of sales, it is easy to think you have most, if not all, the answers. You helped me realize that on a call I thought went extremely well; but as you pointed out; could have been much better. You have helped revitalize both me and CBI from a sales and marketing standpoint.

You are a great guy with a lot of knowledge. We look forward to working with you again on other projects as they come up."



CBI Corporation

One Positive Place

"I’m so glad you were able to follow up with more information about “One Positive Place.” Your Keynote in August generated a lot of interest on how to use our signature strengths. Your class received many excellent evaluations from our teachers. I hope you will be able to return to our district for more staff development on this topic.”


Director of Instruction

Lake Forest School District 67

One Positive Place

"Your overall organization and up-front preparation for our sessions allowed us the opportunity to utilize all of the class time for actual participation and valuable discussions.

It was one of the best training sessions I have attended due to your ability to keep folks interested, using real life stories to help apply the analogies, great class participation and valuable tools that we were able to apply immediately."


Service Center Head


One Positive Place
aetna 2
North American Meat Association

"Your contribution was highly valued by the attendees. NAMA appreciates you sharing insight and inspiration on how they can improve sales and spirits, and “strive to thrive” in their businesses. Especially in this time of economic hardship, this was a particularly important message and you delivered it superbly.


I hope we have the opportunity to work together again. Thank you for all your efforts.”



North American Meat Association

One Positive Place

"I welcome the opportunity to provide a recommendation on behalf of Mr. Bill Durkin. His approach to teaching and instruction was so impressive and the reviews from those attending his course were so high, it was decided that Mr. Durkin would be the only instructor for the program. I am pleased to say that because of his instruction, this is one of the highest rated leadership courses that we offer."


Manager Human Resources

Basell USA, Inc.

One Positive Place
CEJN Industrial Corporation

"On behalf of our entire organization, I applaud your insight on today’s dynamic business climate. Again, thanks so much for conducting the background research, delivering an excellent program and providing us the tools and spark to make things happen with our organization."


OEM Sales Manager

CEJN Industrial Corporation

One Positive Place

"Bill Durkin is a speaker that will touch your heart. He eloquently explains and helps you experience the value of a positive attitude and how that affects your ability to communicate, develop relationships and be an effective leader. I would highly recommend him!"



Delnor Community Hospital

One Positive Place

"We entrusted you with the responsibility to lead our managers and supervisors in a difficult workshop, covering the topic of performance appraisals. In our case, managers in the past typically did not feel comfortable either receiving or conducting appraisals. Nevertheless, our organization was committed to having these appraisals completed so individuals could be coached on areas they could improve upon, as well as having the opportunity to know where they stand.

This training required an individual who would be empathetic to the views of the managers. In addition, the training required one to show enthusiasm and creativity, both paramount to changing attitudes on the part of the managers and supervisors. You demonstrated these skills and showed your knowledge by getting class attendees to be committed to the task they were asked to perform. Simply put, this was a great contribution to our goal. In the end, appraisals were greatly improved through your effort."


Senior Training Manager


One Positive Place
st john

"In accordance with our Institution’s Core Value of Excellence, each year we honor the commitment of our employees to “accomplish better results by working together than otherwise likely to occur by working alone.” Bill provided the keynote address for this celebration.

Thank you so much for your program. It hit just the right issues and had just the right tone. It is evident that you practice what you preach about listening, since you were able to bring in so many Saint John examples. The verbal feedback I have received has been very positive."


C.S.C., Vice President, Mission

Saint John Health System

One Positive Place
aetna 3

"It’s very difficult to take time away from my everyday responsibilities to attend a workshop but I can honestly say that this was one of the best workshops I have attended in years.

Bill’s professionalism, humor and story telling were excellent. He had the ability to keep a pretty tough group of managers interested and alive. I was extremely impressed by the way he connects a subject back to a story; by telling a story he is able to keep the audience interested. Bill was able to take our company values and talk about it with passion; which automatically rolled off onto us. Bill’s knowledge about the company was commendable."


Site Manager


One Positive Place

"To my mind, there is a difference between someone who is a good speaker and someone who takes the time to get to know you and your organization to make sure the content of what is being said hits the mark.

I appreciate the way you take the time to get to know the organization and its values. You take the same care to learn about those who are your contacts and the desired outcome of the message. Through careful questioning, you determine not only what is important to cover in the topic of your presentations but also what to stay away from. In this way you have been in line with our institutional priorities.

You engage your audiences at their level as observed in your keynote presentations for our staff, administrator and faculty of the college and you touch them all. Part of that success is in your preparation; however, another important part is your style. You are adept at intertwining personal stories that demonstrate the desired point; and because it is personalized, participants are able to relate more readily to the message being conveyed."


Staff Development Coordinator

Harper College

One Positive Place
harper 2

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bill Durkin in my role as HR Director for Recall on several occasions, as he has facilitated a number of three-day management training sessions for my organization. The sessions are always very successful, due in large part to Bill’s ability to engage his audience and share his experiences in such a way that truly has an impact on his audience. Feedback received from these sessions is always very positive and includes testimonies of behavioral changes that are the result of his messages and his teachings.

In addition to assisting in the planning and executing of these sessions, I have also been a participant in one of these seminars and have experienced first hand the effectiveness of his teaching and speaking skills."


Director of Human Resources

Recall North America

One Positive Place
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