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What Working Parents Say

About the Workshop


“I appreciated hearing the simple, practical but impactful ways our focus and choice of words can impact our conversations with our children and having the opportunity to share our experiences with other dads in the breakout groups.”


“I'm committed to focusing on what's going well versus what's not working in my conversations with all of my children.”


“I would tell other parents who were thinking of attending this program…It's a must!  The helpful and practical tips to change your mindset and approach to conversations with your children are invaluable.”



“This workshop was a great experience, even for dads of young adults like me!” 


Don Raineri



“I thought the zoom breakout sessions were awesome! A great way to interact remotely. The design of this program (Bill talking, group talking, breakout sessions, etc.) made the session go by fast…if you're looking to become a 'professional parent', you should attend!”


Amie Cargola



“I appreciated the Relevancy of the workshop.”


“I’m going to start being a better listener - actually make time to listen.

We can all use some support as parents, especially during these times.

I'm looking forward to the 7 day challenge!”


Gina Maher



“I enjoyed the breakroom questions and time to reflect.  Bill did a great job giving examples.

If you want to be a professional Dad attend this workshop with Bill.”


David Steele



“I appreciated breaking out in groups with peers and the positive vibe. I plan to listen more without interrupting or having a predetermined response.”


Theresa Schultz

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