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The Wisdom To Know The Difference

I was recently coaching a leader whose Mom was dealing with some serious health challenges. We discussed how difficult it is to make decisions when a sudden or serious illness strikes. We both agreed that saying The Serenity Prayer helps during these situations.

But how do we acquire “the wisdom to know the difference?”

How do we make decisions about something we’ve never done before?

The answers to those questions are unique to each of us. There is no prescription that works for everyone. However, when we’re facing what may seem like insurmountable problems, it will help all of us if we can develop the spiritual guidance necessary to keep moving in a positive direction.

Whether you find spirituality in the pew of a Chapel, Temple or surrounded by nature, each of us can tap into a place to quiet our mind, follow our God or Higher Power, and find the peace and confidence to know what to accept and what to change. But we have to be willing to trust the voice that guides us. Remember, The Serenity Prayer starts with “God grant me…” We are not alone.

If you or someone you love is suffering right now, I pray you find the acceptance, courage and wisdom soon.

Let’s Get Better. Together! Bill Durkin


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