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It’s Time to Give Thanks Every Thursday

The fourth Thursday of November is traditionally spent giving thanks while sharing food, football and fine conversation with our family and friends.

In my opinion, it’s unfortunate that the feelings of gratitude that represent Thanksgiving are replaced so fast with the unhealthy emotions associated with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the weeks of extreme consumerism that mark the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

If you feel the same way, I encourage you to start a new holiday tradition. Make a commitment to turn the 5th day of every week into Thank You Thursday. All you need to do is slow down long enough to connect with someone and say thank you. Turn your Thursdays into a day where you make gratitude your top priority. Invite small groups of people you admire to lunch and thank them for being a positive influence in your life. Write a thank you letter to someone who has given you help, encouragement or inspiration. Make a phone call and express your gratitude to an old friend or business associate. Schedule a meeting with a co-worker, client, family member or friend and let them know how much you appreciate them.

If you make an effort each week to savor and share what you like about the people in your world, you will be much happier during the Holidays and your relationships will get stronger. It’s also important to note that there is nothing you can buy someone that will be more valuable than having them experience your love and appreciation.

Everyone wins when you give thanks on a regular basis.

Are you ready to make Thank You Thursday a part of your Holiday Routine?

Thank you for considering this idea.

Let’s Get Better. Together! Bill Durkin


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