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Win! Even When The Game Keeps Changing

Some leaders go into survival mode during economic slowdowns. Their instincts tell them to play defensively, cut costs and protect top-line revenues. These cost-cutting measures are designed to protect the bottom line. The “defensive” philosophy is reinforced daily by the endless stream of recycled bad news in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. And if they are too busy to read, they can just turn on the radio or television and they’re quickly provided with a steady stream of sensationally sad stories.

We all know the media has a vested interest in keeping our attention; and for the majority of people, bad news sells. The question is…are you buying it? I hope you’re not.

Leaders who consistently win when the game keeps changing create positive workplaces that effectively engage, inspire and hold everyone accountable for providing remarkable service to their clients. These leaders achieve better results along every dimension: business growth, quality of products and services, productivity, and ultimately, positive growth.

Our future depends on positive leaders and teams who believe they can achieve challenging goals during tough times. Our economic crisis is an opportunity for those willing to make positive changes to the way they conduct business.

What positive changes are you going to make the rest of this year? How can you do a better job of serving your best clients? What will you do differently to attract, retain and develop the talent you need to win when the game keeps changing?

You and your team can be very successful in this economy, but you can’t do it with last year’s game plan. Winning teams find new and better ways to get stronger and add more value when the economy is weak.

Let’s Get Better. Together! Bill Durkin


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