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What Happens After You Make a Mistake?

When you decide to develop a new business development habit, you have every intention of changing your behavior. However, something happens shortly after you express your desire to start or stop doing something. You make a mistake and fall back to your old habits.

You may want to start being more positive but notice your conversations have more to do with what you don’t like instead of what you do like. You wanted to listen a little longer to a client who needed to be heard but instead of making an effort to understand their point of view, you stopped listening and offered some quick advice. You intended to do some business development activity at the start of the week, but made the excuse at the end of the week that you didn’t have the time.

When we fall short of the expectations we have for ourselves, our brain tries to save us and starts shouting “Abandon Ship.” Instead of going down in failure, our mind tries to convince us that the goal we set is impossible to attain or that it doesn’t really matter if we accomplish our objective. The thought of quitting seems like the best alternative. If you ever experience anything like this, all it really means is that you are human.

We all make mistakes but, fortunately, we have an opportunity every day to begin again. There is nothing you can do about yesterday. Let it go. Focus on the positive actions you can take today.

Let’s Get Better. Together! Bill Durkin


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