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Learn To Listen

Listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give another person. There are not many moments that make us feel more valued than when we know someone is listening to our point of view.

When a leader learns to become a better listener, relationships and results in all areas of their life improve.

The first step to becoming a better listener is to raise your awareness of when you’re not really listening. In the moment you notice you’re not paying attention to someone who needs to be heard, you can choose to change.

Use this list of common problems to help you identify the negative habits that get in the way of your listening.

  • Wanting to give advice too quickly

  • Being too busy; not having the time or energy to listen

  • Being preoccupied; thinking about someone or something else

  • Not being interested in the person or topic

  • Having negative thoughts about the other person

  • Interrupting someone who is speaking

  • Thinking you already know what the speaker is going to say

  • Being too opinionated

  • Wanting to be right or getting defensive

  • Changing the subject

  • Pretending to listen

  • Judging ideas too soon

What one negative listening habit do you want to change today?

Why do you want to change this habit?

What are you going to start doing to ensure this habit is changed?

Next week I’ll share some positive listening habits for you to work on.

Let’s Get Better. Together! Bill Durkin


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